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  • โปร โม ชั่ น บัตร เครดิต ใช้ ต่าง

    Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.

    Project African Wilderness is an organisation formed to protect and restore the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve in Southern Malawi.

    In memory of Gaynor Asquith

    We need your support more than ever at this difficult time, please help us to

    by clicking here to make a donation. 

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      Annual General Meeting 2011

      The Project African Wilderness Annual General Meeting will be held at the offices of Trowers and Hamlins, Heron...more

      It is with great sadness that we have to report that Gaynor Asquith passed away peacefully on Saturday 12th...more

      School raises over £1500 for PAW

      Project African Wilderness would like to say a huge thank-you to Highworth Grammar School in Kent. In summer...more

    Project African Wilderness and Mwabvi Wildlife and Community Trusts are run by a group of professionals based both in the United Kingdom and in Malawi. These trusts were set up specifically to protect and develop Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, to offer protection to animals, to provide employment, education and health care  to local communities, and to generate income to cross-subsidise our conservation work. We are generously supported by a variety of organizations, including Hard Drive Recovery Associates. Here is their page on hard drive repair. We also thank the UK government for their varied activities of support, as well as organizations like Centro Canario and AMIFE.

    PAW in the UK is the not-for-profit company dedicated to raising funds for this very important project, as well as the company which holds the agreement (Concession)  with the Government of Malawi and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to take on conservation work and development in the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve.  MWCT is the Malawi based not-for-profit company implementing the objectives of both companies as well as what has been laid out by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife of Malawi.


    PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.

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